Soul Music

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I’ve been writing and recording soul music over the last year and I’m ready to let it see some sunlight.

Think You Know

This song is about us.
We seem to think we need to know so much more than we do.
Most of what’s going on, we know nothing about. I believe that is a feature, not a bug.
So, groove to this, here and now.

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4 responses

  1. JenJen36

    I really like this!! Soul forward friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephen Simon

      Thanks Jen. More to come.
      Hope things are looking up for you. If you’re reading this, it looks like we both woke up this morning. So, we got that going for us!😜


      1. JenJen36

        Thanks, and you are right, I woke up and some days just need reminding. I have been home and still struggling to walk and get my life back. I love WordPress. It’s my only contact with my nephews in Texas and Seattle. Love to watch my great-nieces and nephews grow! Can’t wait to include your music. Keep it up my friend, keep doing what brings you joy!


    2. Stephen Simon

      Also, I’ve got more here:


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